Optional Personal Device for your Student
*Updated Specs 08/2/2021*

RUSD Chromebooks will be provided to all
STEM Students for the 2021-2022 school year

These can be transported to and from school. These will be sufficient for use with the Google Workspace, email, and research. For Project Lead the Way (PLTW) labs, appropriate RUSD Windows laptops will be issued by the teacher for classroom use.

If you choose to bring your own device, here are some quick tips to help you find a device that is best suited for the needs of your student attending STEM. There is no 1 device that is suited for all student needs. This list will give you a baseline and you are more than welcome to increase the specifications or decrease. Be aware that decreasing some specifications may cause the device to perform at a slower rate and cause students to get behind in class.

1) Windows 10, Macbook Pro (OS 11 or higher), MacBook Air (OS 11 or higher)
2) While iPads and Android tablets will work for some tasks they may prove to be frustrating for some classroom applications and will be the responsibility of your student to find work-arounds. They will not be supported by the site.
3) DVD/CD drive is not needed for school purposes.
4) The standard hard drive space is sufficient, 250 GB and up.
5) The standard system memory (RAM) is sufficient, 8GB and up.
6) Processor speeds should be at least 2.0GHz or more.
7) Screen size can be between 11in and 15.6in.

In the end, you know your child better than we do. Please make the necessary adjustments to a device that will best suit the needs of your child. If you have any further questions, please email Mrs. Peters at [email protected].

Thank you