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The Riverside STEM Academy (RSA) Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2016 to support the education mission of the Riverside STEM Academy. The Board of Directors comprises educators, scientists, parents, philanthropists, and business and community leaders.

The Foundation develops community partnerships, applies for grants, and cultivates interested donors in the Riverside community and beyond. With more than $225,000 raised through grants and donations, the Foundation has provided support for:

major school infrastructure projects — landscaping, seating, and shade for the middle school plaza and high school yard; tile wall outside the upper office; future school signage
student activities — field trips, Science Olympiad, Tohoku University high school student visit, People to People science trip to Europe
educational items — graphing calculators, P.E. equipment, engineering kits, C-STEM robots, novels, art supplies, and science equipment
teacher development — grant-writing support, paid planning time for new student programs, curriculum training by outside experts
community events — Innovate Riverside, a City-sponsored Riverside STEM Academy community fair held downtown and featuring student-led activities, performances and demonstrations. The inaugural event in June included a tiny house built by RSA high school students and funded by a grant secured from the Toshiba America Foundation.
Innovate Riverside 2019 is scheduled for Saturday, May 2. Please save the date!

• Do you have an idea for a grant proposal, symposium speaker, or community partnership?
• Do you have experience with fundraising, grant writing, or other non-profit work that you would like to share?
• Are you interested in making a tax-deductible donation to support RSA?

Please contact us at [email protected]!


Both PTSA and the Foundation work closely with school administrators and staff to identify and support school priorities in all areas, from infrastructure and curriculum to field trips and special events. The Foundation by-laws require the Board of Directors to include at least one PTSA Board member, and RSA Administrators serve as non-voting advisors.

The Foundation supports PTSA through direct donations and by encouraging all RSA parents and students to become PTSA members. All Foundation Directors are PTSA members, and the Foundation pledges top-tier sponsorship at all PTSA events.

Both the PTSA and RSA Foundation raise funds for RSA, but each organization has its own unique role in supporting the school. PTSA is a member-based organization that engages RSA families through school community events, school-based fundraisers, and sale of spirit wear. By contrast, the Foundation does not have members, does not organize school-based fundraisers, and does not sell anything. The Foundation instead focuses on building relationships outside of the school.

Donations to both PTSA and the Foundation are tax deductible, but the spending rules of the two organizations are different. The by-laws of PTSA require equitable distribution of revenue across the entire school community. The Foundation’s spending is unrestricted, which means it can engage in targeted fundraising and may earmark donations for specific purposes.

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