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Congratulations to our Reflections Winners!
Posted 12/04/2023

Congratulations and thank you to all the 2023-2024 National PTA Reflections participants! Our theme this year was “I am Hopeful Because…” and the entries were incredibly creative and inspirational.  
Below is a list of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category. Categories are divided by grade level. All of the Awards of Excellence winners (1st place) will move on to the RCPTA for Council Level Reflections Program for judging. All of the entries, excluding the first place winners, will be returned to your teachers this week. The students listed below will be recognized in an awards ceremony at STEM in February 2024 (date TBD).
Once again, thank you to all who participated and volunteered to ensure that this year’s program was a success!

Intermediate- 5th Grade


1st place - Madeline Wan - Hills of Hope

2nd place - Anderson Yu - I am hopeful because…..

Junior High - 6th thru 8th Grade


1st place - Naomi Zhang - World Peace

2nd place - Edelline Andra - Path of life

3rd place - Yanuo Dora Zhou - Flicks of Reality


1st place - Jacob Orozco - Looking Forward

2nd place - Ian Paradise-Jones - Dog and the Sun

3rd place - Connor Kennedy - Discovery of Nature


1st place - Gabriella Santos - Was it Fate?


1st place - Aubriana Ippolito - I am Hopeful Because….

2nd place - Penelope Goatcher - Calypso

3rd place - Anouk Trujillo Martinez - I am hopeful because….


1st place - Joaquin Joseph - With hope as my guide

2nd place - Emily Topete - I’m Hopeful because of ME

3rd place - Charlie Drymon - Me and My Hopes

High School - 9th thru 12th Grade


1st place - Anthony Hernandez - Glimpse of Hope


1st place - Rahm Braslaw - The Gujarati Businessman


1st place- Tiana Huq - Unleashing Hope


1st place - Julianne Nguyen - Hope

2nd place - Eubin Oh - Hope in Everyday Things

3rd place -  Jacob Shendi - I am hopeful because GOD is there


1st place -  Sky Bartel    - Bottle Planet

2nd place -  Ching Chung    - When there’s life, there’s hope

3rd place -    Kate Reznick    - Here Comes the Sun


Aiden Grover and Josh ZonkerSTEM 9th Grader, Aiden Grover wants to know...
"Pickleball... What's all that noise?"
posted 10/25/23

Science Fair Project advances
to Washington, DC
October 2023!


STEM 9th Grader, Aiden Grover was selected as one of 30 finalists in the 2023 Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge in Washington DC, October 28th - November 2nd, 2023. Each student competitor will be judged on both their science research projects as well as their demonstration of collaboration and critical thinking skills during team challenges, emphasizing the importance and value of teamwork in STEM fields.

Pickleball: What's all that noise?!?!
For his award-winning project which advanced from school, to district, to county competition, Aiden researched and built several prototypes of pickleballs which decreased the noise that was made on the court. Aiden says. He found the best solution to be adding flexible but rigid material to the ball’s exterior. That’s because the hard surfaces on the ball and paddle make a colossal sound when they collide. In the end, Aiden’s prototype with soft rubber dots added to its surface worked best. “It bounced just as high as the control did, but it was only 62% as loud,” he says. Source:

30 Finalists


Congratulations to Ares Grez!
posted 10/25/23

STEM 9th grader, Ares ran the Mission Inn Half Marathon, on October 22 and came in 1st place for his age group and 4th place overall. Wow!! Ares is really working hard to represent STEM High School and Poly High School as a student-athlete with passion and dedication! Congratulations Ares!

Congratulations to our students who participated in the
STEM Solutions Learning Labs at Bourns, Inc. this summer!

posted 8/16/23

-1st place, $1,000 winners:Bourns1
Eunice Santos, 12th grade
Emmanuel Pudussery, 10th grade

-2nd place, $750 winners:
Nayan Bhakta, 10th grade 
Jefferson Li, 12th grade

-3rd place, $500 winner:
Sterling Fields, 9th grade

Bourns 2


Congratulations to Nivedita Kanrar
for being selected 
for the
2022 Fulbright Scholarship!

Updated 6/6/22

Read the Cal Tech ArticleNivedita Kanrar image
Here --> Link 

Nivedita joined Riverside STEM Academy as a 7th grader and graduated as our Valedictorian as part of the class of 2018.

During her time at STEM High School she was the Valedictorian of the class of 2018, awarded the Scholars Diploma, the Golden State Seal, Seal of Biliteracy and was a member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF).
Fullbright AnnouncementShe graduated form Cal Tech in 2022
Best of luck studying 

 in Spain Fall of 2022!